Nikolai van Nunen

 Hi, I’m glad that you are here, that means you’re curious and need to know more.
The question: ‘Who is he?’ and ‘Where is he based?’ might pop up in your head.
And the most important one: ‘Does he fit the job…’ Well, lets find out:

My name is Nikolai van Nunen, working as a freelance cinematographer and director.
Currently working on a variety of commercials, documentaries, branded content, and music video’s.
Lately my main focus is mostly on camerawork and naturalistic lighting. Humble to the story.
I always find ways to motivate the camera movement, finding the right light and telling the story through visual aesthetics.

With my own gear I strive for the best and efficient way of making films (check it out here)
I’m ready for almost every shoot without de hassle of renting.
Of course, some project require a special approach – that’s where the rental house come in.

Need to know more? Pricing? Favorite coffee flavor? Lets get in touch!

Favorite quote of all time:
You can’t polish a turd. But you can roll it in glitter.