Hi, my name is Nikolai van Nunen.
A freelance cinematographer and director based in Amsterdam.
Roaming around documentaries, commercials, fiction and branded content.
I love everything about film(making). The technical part, but also very much the creative side.
It keeps me going. Also it really saved my ass at some point in life. So thank you for that.

Cinematography, lighting out scenes and color grading are my main focus nowadays. Humble to the story and the director’s vision.
I always try to find ways to motivate the camera movement, to emphasize hidden subtext or layers within the story.
Finding the perfect (natural) light and telling the story through visual aesthetics. There’s always something personal to my work.
I really enjoy making the visuals as true and intimate as posible without crossing boundaries.

Anyway, it was nice talking to you. Have a good one, and lets grab a coffee one day!